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Nike Dunk Low Essential Paisley Pack Barley (W)

Nike Dunk Low Essential Paisley Pack Barley (W)

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– Comfortable, Classy, and Chic

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– Wear it with pride

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Shoe Sizes

W10 / M8.5, W10.5 / M9, W11 / M9.5, W11.5 / M10, W12 / M10.5, W12.5 / M11, W13 / M11.5, W13.5/ M12, W14 / M12.5, W14.5 / M13, W15 / M13.5, W15.5 / M14, W16 / M14.5, W5 / M3.5, W5.5 / M4, W6 / M4.5, W6.5 / M5, W7 / M5.5, W7.5 / M6, W8 / M6.5, W8.5 / M7, W9 / M7.5, W9.5 / M8


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